Guardian Angel

Most of the famous angels were boys
Michael, Gabriel, Lucifer
Yet you were a teenage girl
Who hovered above my head
A worried crease in your bright brow

Who said you had an angel?
My mother when I woke up scared

Once I prayed to you and God
The Blessed Mother, Saint Patrick
And the recently killed President Kennedy
To bring Mommy and Daddy back together

That cracked us up
Maybe so but it worked

Now that my babies are grown
I ask you how do I–
What do I–
What do I do now

It’s not all about you
That’s good

What about the giant white crabs
To be wrangled and fed
Swordfish steaks still alive and slashing
Must I risk my fingers
For reasons entirely obscure

I wouldn’t touch that
with a ten-foot laser pointer

If Mick Jagger says he was scared
Of a windowless yellow brick house
at the edge of the ocean
Don’t you want to hear
the rest of his dream

But we know Mick
You’re so not Mick

I know so I turned back
up the path into the forest
A massive shaggy bison’s head
blocked the way
You could say I was buffaloed
Mister Minotaur was
breathing down my neck
I ran off the path and hid in the tall grass

Next time face him down