Shish Kabob Garage

After the cataclysm wrenched from the ocean floor
leviathans never seen before
to tumble senseless in the ravaged street
we recognized ourselves in their rolling eyes,
learned to live underwater, collected
clutter from the bottom of the pool.
Blank blue rules. Oh everybody saw it
coming but we were careful
not to connect the dots,
to maintain the romance of the big picture
no matter how clear it became
that the big picture did not reflect
anybody’s actual experience
of sloppy driving in the dark. We put the car
keys in a wet trash can, threw it out
the window and kept going till we came back
to make the usual trudge from Shish Kabob Garage
to the ever-receding shore
down gritty streets past smoking stacks
I saw when I looked back
from shallow water and black muck.
We’re far away, I asked, aren’t we?
Yes we are.