A Red Letter Day on the Harbor

Fog so thick you can’t see Jersey City
A juvenile hawk in the dawn redwood
A diver under South Cove with an orange air hose

To construct a desk from salvaged boards
We relied on obscure directions
Badly translated from what must have been Martian
And left it unfinished on the shattered street
If anyone would take it
Nobody did so we
Threw it in the water to see

So okay I was wrong about the kids
Laughing at me from behind the couch
Just racket from the radiator kicking on

My darling young daughter deliberately
Dropped the toy, a plump salamander
Splat on the playground, it split its sides
Clear liquid leaking and she pretended
It was okay

I try not to look so serious
It’s just my default expression
Early on he would ask me are you thinking
Maybe I adopted the face to show I was
Thinking really hard even if I didn’t get it
Because that’s when he would always ask